MHYC History


Mentor Harbor Yachting Club – as it stands today – is the result of extensive planning going back to far-seeing members who, in July 1928 organized the original club. Through a series of happenings, the club has survived the events of 1929, weathered the lean war years, and has reinvested in its infrastructure to become what we know today.
The membership owes a deep debt of gratitude to a succession of dedicated officers and directors who, over the years, had the vision and follow-through to bring these dreams to fruition. Here’s how it came about from the start way back when. Mentor Harbor Yachting Club,
originally incorporated in 1928, barely survived its initial eight years during the depression. Once through this period, the club regrouped and has continued to grow throughout the years.


By 1935, there were 200 members and a fleet of 90 boats. In 1936, the organization was re-incorporated as the Mentor Harbor Yachting Club, then boasting 140 boats; power and sail. As it grew, the club began to find its financial sea legs. The clubhouse was purchased from the contractor under a mortgage, and the club obtained a 10 year lease with an option to buy the land on which it operated. By 1939, there were 216 members and 175 boats and in this year, a junior membership plan was inaugurated providing a sliding scale of dues, including gradual payments toward a full membership initiation fee.


Careful plans were made in the early 1940s for further development of the club after World War II and in 1944 a permanent improvement fund of some $30,000 was subscribed by the members to help put these plans into action. In 1952, the Board of Directors set up a program of permanent improvements and authorized the issuance of $100,000 of bonds.

With the proceeds, it was possible to rebuild the east breakwall, install new steel docks, make improvements to the clubhouse, provide a new water supply system, develop a picnic area, add to the skeet facilities, create a children’s play yard, and make numerous improvements to the grounds.


The club’s facilities expanded rapidly in the years of 1960 through 1980. New construction included the swimming pool and locker building (1961), enlargement of the clubhouse to include a new reception area, enclose the porch, which is now trophy row, building of the cantilever bar overlooking the lake, channel and beaches, a snack bar at water level, and new T-docks (1968) for the East Beach.

Since then Mentor Harbor Yachting Club has undergone numerous, regular capital improvement projects to our clubhouse, grounds and docks. Today we offer state of the art floating docks with power connections, pressurized water and Wi-Fi. Our clubhouse has had a refresh to the stucco on the outside as well as new kitchen equipment, new lounge furniture, repainting and new carpeting. Every year brings a new list of capital improvements to preserve and care for our beloved club.